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A pet illustration project by Santiago Usano to illustrate each of the nine numbers as pieces of a puzzle.

A nifty little open source screen recorder for macOS, built with web technology. Export recordings as .gif, .mp4 or .webm.

Beautiful editorial design by Luisa Rivera for the 50th anniversary edition of a Penguin book whose title translates to One Hundred Years of Solitude.

“Alien: Covenant has released its most unsettling teaser yet… and there’s not a xenomorph or facehugger in sight.”

Nearly 5 years after its launch, beautiful design continues to be the staple of the Simple customer experience.

Early work by London-based product designer Nuno Santos for online clothing recommendations portal Thread.

Utilitarian and incredibly legible, Zeitung from Underware excels at all sizes both on screen and in print.