High Resolution podcast with Kate Aronowitz

One of the standout podcasts in recent times, High Resolution features Bobby Ghoshal and Jared Erondu interviewing some of the best contemporary designers each week.

In March, they interviewed Kate Aronowitz, who was Design VP at Wealthfront. Before that, she was a Design Director at Facebook where she took their team from 20 to 200 world-class designers under Mark Zuckerberg.

Some (paraphrased) highlights from the episode:

07:50 — “All companies should maintain both career paths for their designers — to either progress as design specialists or get into design management, with equal pay for both.”

15:15 — The tripod of product, design and engineering; and the role of each.

24:10 — “Designers are often myopic and self-absorbed… No one cares about your illustration strategy unless you can show them how it translates into results for the business.”

25:25 — The roles and responsibilities of a design VP versus design director.

31:46 — Kate’s “hockey stick” career path, and how she went from junior designer to design VP.

43:17 — Designing the recruitment process at Facebook and scaling the design team from 20 to 200.

46:10 — On mentoring Luke Woods and Julie Zhuo, both of whom went on to become VPs for design at Facebook.