Svbset is a product design journal.

Being a product designer is hard. Best practices mature over time, and technology changes even faster. It’s difficult to stay with the game. Svbset is a publication for product designers looking to improve their craft through careful distillation of the best relevant content from across the Web.

Sure, you have Designer News and Muzli. But Svbset aims to showcase and highlight content without getting caught up in popularity algorithms — thus staying as relevant as possible for as long as possible. Every article is curated with this in mind. Also, being issue-based, it enjoys the benefit of hindsight.

Svbset is designed, curated and published by Karl Fernandes, with new issues published every quarter. Follow on Twitter for updates.


Here’s what you’d typically find in an issue.

Cover story
A Svbset-exclusive long-form essay on a hot-button topic.

Curated picks
A digest of relevant articles from thought leaders — no algorithms. Covers product philosophy, interaction design for screens of all sizes, user experience design, graphic design, motion design, content choreography, design management, business and more.

Workspace therapy
Office spaces of designers and their companies from across the world.

Nice finds
Beautiful and functional products, featuring outstanding industrial design. Great for gifting ideas.

Visual gallery of design inspiration from obscure sources.

More to be added in future issues. Stay tuned.

Influences and design

Svbset’s content style is inspired by a variety of sources — Daring Fireball’s short links and commentary, the daily inspiration galleries of Abduzeedo and Ultralinx, the longform essays of Frank Chimero among others. The issue-based format is inspired directly by print magazines like Cereal, Lagom, Boat and others.

Editorial design has been simplified for the Web and for a higher publishing frequency.


Svbset is published using Craft and hosted on Fozzy and Amazon S3. The typography system across the site utilises Depot New Web and FF Tisa Pro, both delivered by Typekit.


You may address any feedback or questions to kf (at) karlfernandes (dot) com.